Ryan Brahms is ready to share his unique sound and inspiring stories with the world. The 31-year-old New York native has been honing his craft for years and his eclectic musical background is apparent in his distinctive sound.

The seasoned musician plays numerous instruments including clarinet, saxophone, drums, guitar, bass and piano; leading him to compose, arrange and play the music to most of his songs. He's also a dedicated songwriter who is able to capture true emotion in many of his offerings.

"It's really about resilience and finding the strength to overcome impossible things. It's from my own life but I also found myself very attracted to other people's stories who are enduring absolutely impossible things. Not just getting through but finding a way to smile again."

Brahms learned some of those lessons the hard way after an injury forced him to undergo major surgery and continue writing songs with his jaw wired shut.

"I started writing songs about never giving up…about being super human," he explains. "In life you just go at your own pace and you never really get where you're gonna go. "Superman" and "Hands Up" are about fighting for what you want in life."

Like most great songwriters, Brahms connects with the crowd by being authentic.

"I have endured a lot of shit that just shouldn't happen to people and I still find a reason to want to inspire people and want to live life to its fullest. I have a real purpose," he says. "No matter what happens you have to find happiness. You have to find a reason, whatever that is for you. Not many artists have that kind of empathy and that kind of awareness. They forget whats around them."

While his current projects are taking a more traditionally R&B turn, don't expect Brahms to ever fully conform to one style of music. "I have my own sound," he says proudly. "It's such a double-edged sword. I disguise really complicated music as pop. It's almost like a game I play."

On "Love Dealer" Ryan takes us on a sensual ride over an energizing, synth-heavy track that you can't help but dance to. The scintillating single is certainly for the grown and sexy. His ballad "When I Was Me" tells a story of the pain and regret that comes with a love gone wrong and highlights his infinitely relatable songwriting with a sound reminiscent of classic pop-ballads of the late nineties.

No matter where his sound ultimately lands, this emerging artist makes it clear that his hard-won perseverance and genuine talent will keep him in the music game for years to come.

"Some of us just don't have a choice. This is what I'm here to do," he says. "No matter who tells me I can or can't, when you know you just know. I have always known. Life gets in the way, things happen, you grow, and finally you say to yourself 'nothing in gonna get in the way.'"