About Ryan Brahms

Picture Born and raised in New York City, Ryan Brahms always knew music was his calling. Starting at a young age he honed his craft learning classical piano, saxophone, clarinet and guitar. His passion for the creative fueled a journey that led him to his chosen career as a noted singer, songwriter, producer and musician.

Ryan's proficient talent has afforded him to perform with such incredible legends such as James Brown and Dave Brubeck by the age 19. His earlier songs quickly gained attention by multiple managers and labels in the music Meccas of LA and New York. After relocating to Los Angeles for several years, Ryan recognized what a lot of young artists discover, you need to rely upon yourself. After writing hundreds of songs about his experiences pushing the boundaries of both himself and the world around him.

But in 2013 life came to a devastating halt, while leaving a performance Ryan was brutally attacked and beaten. Hospitalized and requiring reconstructive surgery, a titanium plate was implanted throughout the left side of his face, doctors required his jaw wired shut for two months as well. During this time Ryan was unable to eat, let alone sing. Yet somehow though it all Ryan found his strength and threw himself deeper into songwriting. He was able to have a voice and outlet through his music & lyrics.

2017 was a testing ground for Ryan as he put out his single "Love Dealer" which scored him onto the Billboard Dance Charts. It was then he decided to go for dreams one more time.

Fast forward to now, Ryan is stronger than ever and releasing his single "When I Was Me" and his Christmas album "The Jew That Sang Christmas". Ryan will be doing tours and will be performing shows throughout the year. Comprising songs he's deeply passionate about & his original music.

"John Lennon said. 'Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans'. We all have some sort of dream; big and small alike. It's that idea of how it's supposed to be. How we hope it will all end up. The clich0232 of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is true of every story. Dreams and realities can be two very different things. As long as you remain true and honest with yourself no matter what life throws at you, you will always get to where you were supposed to be." "I want to share my journey through my songs. They are all about things I have witnessed, experienced and overcome. I hope others can find inspiration and strength in that." - Ryan Brahms